Group Plans

Purchase a Sikhāṇā Online group plan and provide your employees, associates and partners with full access to all our online training courses for a whole year.  

Group Plans

Unlimited Access to eLearning

Our eLearning provides an understanding of key psychological concepts and constructs that frame your role and practice as a childcare solicitor, social worker, specialist teacher/SENCo or allied professional in child welfare, safeguarding and family law. Our expert trainers, all dedicated, working professionals in their own right, can help your teams to recognise ethical issues and exercise effective judgement and professional relations. Achieving the outcomes you desire.

All courses are available to all named learners for the duration of the Group Plan subscription (12 months from the date of purchase)

Group Plans

Access Pass
Organisational Access Pass (min 5 seats)
£15.00 / Trainee Seat

Our tailored training has been specifically designed to support individuals within your organisation be better at what they do, applying psychological based knowledge to understanding and working with children and families going through adversity, cultural displacement and trauma.

You're in control

Our group plans allow you to start with as few as five (5) trainees but you can add more seats to your existing plan whenever your like. We provide a full management interface allowing your named Training Manager to allocate seats to any individual or even transfer seats between individuals for the duration of your subscription.

Unprecedented business value

Each seat on your group plan gives access to all our eLearning Courses making this an exceptionally effective investment in the professional development of your employees and associates.

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