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Our courses have been carefully designed for childcare solicitors, social workers and allied professionals working in child welfare, safeguarding and family law, bringing key areas of psychology and related disciplines alive through accessible, relevant and targeted information. The online content means that busy professionals can progress through the course at their own pace and repeat modules as they wish.

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The ART of Sikhāṇā

Accessible, Relevant, Targeted

Sikhāṇā online was founded in 2021 by Dr Jagdish Kaur Barn, an Educational, Child and Family Psychologist with over a decade of experience as an Expert Witness for the Family Court. In her interactions with colleagues in family law, Jagdish realised that there was limited training in key psychological theories relevant to child welfare and court proceedings specifically aimed at child care and family solicitors. Sikhāṇā is Jagdish’s answer to bridge this gap.

Our mission is to empower systems to keep families together, wherever possible. 

Immersion in Sikhāṇā

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand"

Albert Einstein

If you have struggled to find targeted information related to the aetiology of Adversity, Cultural Displacement, Trauma and the associated Emotional, Developmental and Learning needs in children and young people, wondered how to word your letter of instruction to make it person-centred and specific or reflected on approaches and strategies to employ with hard-to-reach clients, Sikhāṇā Online is here to help.

Here at Sikhāṇā we are collaborators and co-constructors and value all feedback so please don’t be shy in telling us what you think. Take a browse, try One for the Kit Bag and if you like what you see immerse yourself in some Sikhāṇā. 

What other's say about our founder...

Lockings Solicitors, Hull

The parties and the court found Dr Barn’s assessment to be extensive and thorough along with her help with additional questions. She has spent a lot of time on this case which was complex and which is appreciated. I would appreciate it if you could feed back to her that the rehabilitation of the children to the care of their mother is going very well.

Child Care Solicitor, Sheffield

Dr Barn’s report was extremely helpful to the parties.  The recommendations as to how professionals should work with the parents were adopted on receipt of the report and this led to a great improvement in working relationships which has ultimately led to things being managed on a child in need basis moving forward. 

Bury & Walkers Solicitors, Barnsley

 I should like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your assessment which was of considerable assistance to the Court. As a result of your recommendations, all parties agreed that the parents should be offered a residential assessment in a family assessment unit.

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