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Effects of Trauma on Sensory Integration & Processing

This course explores how adversity and trauma can impact sensory integration and processing. It will explore our eight senses (yes eight!) and define what exactly sensory integration and processing is and what typical sensory development looks like. It will support you in understanding how this typical development is delayed or truncated due to trauma and the potential impact of sensory difficulties on learning, emotional regulation and social interaction.

The course should take approximately 1 hour to complete 

This course has been designed to meet SRA competency (A & C) and HCPC and SWE standards

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How often have you thought about your senses and how crucial they are in helping you make sense of the world around you? It is only when we lose sensory processing in one or more of our senses (e.g. smell or taste due to infection) that we feel the full impact. Imagine if that was your daily existence. For many children in care sensory integration and processing is a struggle and they can present as under responsive or over responsive to sensory stimuli. However, it can be difficult to identify whether sensory needs exist as they are not always obvious and can be misdiagnosed as behavioural difficulties. This course will equip you with the knowledge to ask the right questions and, if needed, to request the right assessment for those you represent.

  • The eight key senses that we rely on to process and make sense of the world
  • Typical development of the sensory system
  • Caregiving that promotes optimal development of the sensory system
  • Impact of adversity and trauma on development of sensory development
  • Implications of delayed or truncated sensory development
  • How can you tell whether sensory needs exist? The right questions to ask
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